Plant Healthcare – What is it and why do you need it?

Just like we need health care to keep bodies healthy, our trees and shrubs need health care too. You have a landscaper for your lawn. You have a plumber for your plumbing. You have an electrician for all things electrical. You have a handyman for all the projects and fix-its that need to be done in and around your home. But, do you have a plant healthcare specialist to make sure your trees and ornamental shrubs are thriving?

Not all landscapers are equipped, educated and licensed to provide proper care for your property aside from lawn maintenance and trimming of small trees and bushes. That is okay. This is our specialty. Advance Tree and Shrub is your go-to professional to keep your trees and shrubs pest and disease free.

What is plant healthcare?

By definition plant healthcare is: A comprehensive program to manage the health, structure, and appearance of plants in the landscape. (ISA Dictionary online)

Advance Tree & Shrub is committed to offering clients the best, customized programs to meet client needs and expectations. We follow a few simple guidelines to achieve our goal.

We offer property inspections to assess the trees ands shrubs on your property. Does your entire property need service? Do only a few trees need care? Do just your ornamental landscapes need care? Is there a specific nutrient lacking in your soil? Is there a reasonable option to offer to keep a tree or shrub? Is the tree or shrub not savable? We answer so many questions during our inspections to make sure we are able to meet your expectations and to provide your trees and shrubs the most optimal healthcare we can offer. Our inspector, Joey Plutro, is a certified arborist with an extensive array of knowledge and he is ready to share it with you. Each of our techs possess various certifications and licenses with vast knowledge within this field.

Our first goal is always to prevent. If we can prevent invasive pests and diseases that is what we are going to do. We, then, share with our clients what insects are good and which are bad. We need to tolerate the good and protect against the bad. We treat with insect and disease specific products. Our philosophy on treating is to only use what is necessary and deter from excessive use of products. That is where our tech’s are masters! Once the problem is treated and under control, we focus on monitoring. Monitoring goes hand in hand with prevention. We believe communication is key to providing the best plant healthcare we can offer and to support the needs and wants of our clients. We want our clients to always feel like they can contact us about any tree or shrub issue at anytime during our relationship.

General plant healthcare is not a one size fits all or even most. Our plant healthcare programs are customized for each client and for each specific need. A neighbor may have a different type of soil needs than you need. You have a aphids on your property but, your neighbors have no issues. Or you have a tree on your property that could be a potential fall hazard for your neighbor’s home or entertainment space in their back yard. We use our extensive knowledge, certifications, and licenses to properly and treat a wide variety of plant healthcare issues. We, also, work with numerous local landscapers and tree removal services to extend reliable resources to our clients when needed.

If you are interested in getting your property assessed, contact us for a consultation. We will be glad to take a look at the property, assess any needs found, discuss with you what your intentions are, and create a plan of action to support your plant healthcare needs.  

If you have a specific need, like your shrubs are turning brown or you are finding aphids or an abundance of caterpillars eating away at your shrubbery leaves or finding weird holes in tree trunks, contact us for an inspection. We will identify the problem, discuss a solution and devise an action plan to make sure your shrubbery or trees thrive again.

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