spring tree prep
Springtime is a beautiful awakening for trees, shrubs, flowers and all things creepy crawly. After a dreary winter the colors and warmth of sunshine and spring are welcomed with open arms – unless you have allergies. Maybe your yard isn’t looking like the bright, beautiful sea of green and color as you hoped. Are you concerned about some of your trees and shrubs not blooming as expected? We can help. Our certified Arborist can identify and discuss a plan to make your trees and shrubs bloom again.

We put together a check list to help you know what to do for spring prep:

  • Inspect: Call our office or email advancetreeshrub@gmail.com to schedule an appointment for a free inspection. After our certified Arborist completes his inspection, he will talk with you to discuss your best options.
  • Mulching: Putting mulch around tree & shrubs is very beneficial for root development and moisture control
  • Pruning: Winter conditions can damage your trees and shrubs. Pruning is key to out the winter damage on shrubs and dead/ broken limbs in trees. If you don’t want to hassle with this task, call us! We can take care of this service for you.
  • Fertilizer: Fertilizing in early spring is beneficial for healthy trees. This helps to improve a plants resistance to damage from insects, disease and winter conditions.
  • Insect/disease damage: Look for spots or damage on leaves. It is important to get fungicide on leaves after full leaf expansion. Not sure if you want to tackle this task in fear of killing your tree or shrub – call us! We can easily identify the insect and/or disease taking over and apply a proper solution for a healthy, living tree or shrub again.
pruning root girdling
soil care
Landscapers are great sources to keep your yard looking pristine and manicured. Our services go beyond what landscapers can do for you. We work in coordination with them to keep your yard green and healthy. Our services are designed to maintain the healthy life of the plants, trees and shrubs you have invested in.
If you have any questions, please give our office a call or email our Arborist for more information.